What Does a Caddy Girl Do?

Whether you’re golfing alone, celebrating a bachelor party, or are hitting the greens with your business associates, you could always use some company. Hawaii’s own Anela Kolepa Golf Angels can keep you company on the greens, ensuring that you have a great time and assisting with your game when you need it. What exactly do our AK Angels do for you out on the course? Let us walk you through the benefits that come with our caddy girls!

Track Your Ball

When things get intense out on the green, it can be easy to get lost in your head and perhaps lose sight of your own ball. Don’t fear! Our Angels keep an eye on your ball at all times and won’t let it get away from you. Whether you are in the weeds, a sand trap, or you lost it in a pond, your caddy girl will steer you in the right direction towards your ball every time.

Rake the Sand Traps

One of the most tedious aspects of a round of golf is the process of raking sand traps after you use them. It’s bad enough that you had to fight your way out of one, and going on to manual maintenance right after that is a pain. AK Angels will take care of that aspect of your golf game for you. Our caddy girls know just how to treat and rake the traps so that they are in good shape for the next round of players.

Tend the Flagstick

Having someone there to tend to the flagstick during an important shot is a crucial part of the late game at any hole. It’s there to help you line up a perfect shot, but runs the risk of messing with your game and becoming more of an obstacle than it needs to be. With an Angel by your side, you don’t even have to worry. They will be right there to tend the flag right after your follow-through.

Offer Advice

One of the biggest benefits to hiring one of our AK caddy girls is that they can help you with your approach to the game. Whether you need yardage information, want a second opinion on the slope of the green, or are unsure of which club to use in any situation, they will be right by your side to offer quality advice if you ask. They are trained in the game and they want to help make yours even better.

There’s simply no better approach to your Maui golfing experience than hiring a caddy girl with Anela Kolepa Golf Angels. They’ll ensure that etiquette is followed on the course while also keeping you entertained. Call us today at (808) 213-7519 and book yourself an Angel for your next round!