For many of us, golf is much more than just a game. Hitting the links on a sunny day with close friends (or competitors), breathing in the fresh air, and hearing the crack as the club makes contact with the ball is close to bliss. No matter if you’ve played for decades or just recently picked up the clubs, there is something truly special about the sport. One of the greatest things about golf is that wherever you might be, whether on vacation or on a work trip, you have the ability to at least go get a round of 9 in. Okay, this isn’t always the case if you are visiting a place that has frigid winters and frozen courses, but here at Albatross Golf Adventures, our two favorite places are ready to go nearly year-round.

If you explore our website or even the front page, it will be obvious that one of these locations is the Hawaiian islands. Not only are we proud to bring our customers to some of the most breathtaking courses in the world and teach them about the Hawaiian culture, but we are excited to take our clients to some incredible courses a little bit closer to home. 

If you haven’t heard, Arizona golf is some of the most enjoyable that you can find, and we want to take you on a golf trip of a lifetime! Find out what makes Arizona such a great place to work on your game in this blog post, and if you have any questions for us or would like to book a tour, then feel free to reach out to us today! 

The Weather

One of the downfalls, at least for golfers that live in climates that get cold in the winter, is that there is basically an off-season when you are unable to get out on the course. As many of you know, it’s important to stay consistent with your game. While we would say practice makes perfect, that simply isn’t the case with golf since your skills will never be perfect, but you also don’t want to get rusty! Sure, you could work on your swing indoors, but there is nothing that compares to actually getting out there. That is one of the things that makes Arizona such a hot spot for golfers from all over. During the winter and fall months, the temperature is ideal for golfers. So if you don’t want to fall behind or add some strokes to your scorecard following the winter season, a trip to Arizona is just what you need.


Because of the weather and the vast amount of high-quality courses, Arizona holds a variety of tournaments all throughout the year. However, one of the most popular is easily the Waste Management Phoenix Open. While watching golf tournaments live might be just as exciting to you as watching football or basketball, that is simply not the case for people that aren’t golfers or even for some that are. However, the Waste Management Tour is known to be a great time for anyone that is lucky enough to attend. Unlike any other professional tournament, there aren’t many rules that need to be adhered to. 

Taking place at the breathtaking TPC Scottsdale, the Phoenix Open is often referred to as a four-day party. There may be some ushers holding up “Quiet Please” signs, but this is merely a suggestion, and every player knows that silence is going to be nearly impossible to find. The attendees are known to be rowdy, and even the golfers let loose! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience that everybody can attend. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be making it this year, don’t hesitate to start planning a trip during 2021. We promise that you won’t regret it!  

Beautiful Courses

Arizona is proud to boast about having an insane amount of golf courses. Across the state, they have over 300 courses! Many of these are found in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson areas. One thing that makes these courses so special is the unique topography that the land has to offer. If you have never done any desert golfing, you are in for a treat (and maybe a few frustrations). While it is not too easy, some of the views that you will encounter will stay with you forever. Some of the most popular golf courses in Arizona include:

  • Troon North (Scottsdale)
  • TPC Stadium Course (Home of the Phoenix Open)
  • We-Ko-Pa Golf Club (Fort McDowell)
  • Quintero Golf Club (Peoria)
  • And So Many More!

More Fun Activities Beyond Golf

When you decide to take a golf trip to Arizona, getting out on the links isn’t the only fun that you will be having. You’ll have the ability to visit some well-known locations such as the Sonora Desert, Grand Canyon National Park, Red Rock State Park, and more. Plus, Arizona, especially in the Phoenix area, is known for its fun nightlife and welcoming locals. We’ll make sure to provide you with some great activities to partake in following your rounds.

So stop playing the same course that you’ve been on year after year! Get out there and do some exploring because some of the best courses out there are just waiting for you to play! If you would like to plan a golf vacation through Albatross Golf Adventures, whether to Arizona or Hawaii, then be sure to contact us today.